At One Broker Group, we can help with Investment, Financial and Legal Service, Currency Exchange, House Improvement and Insurance. From the first call you make through to living in your new home, our Services are designed to make your life easier.

List of One Broker Group Services

Investment Financial Legal Services Consultancy

We are proud to recommend our mortgage consultant, who have an outstanding reputation with buyers, banks and other financial institutions in the UAE.


If you are looking to renovate or upgrade parts of your home, our partners are here to help with technical drawings and plans. They will address all your needs and requirements, whether the project is indoors or outdoors, to make your home one you are proud of.

Currency Exchange

Our currency exchange advisor is committed to saving you money on your transactions.

Insure & Protect

Insurance and protection are crucial components when buying a property. Our professional Consultant can help and advise you in choosing from a wide range of products.